Rankshaper is our on-page SEO tool. Rankshaper gives you actionable information on how to improve rankings of tons of keywords for all your pages. It does this by combining data from Google Webmaster Search Console with the actual HTML of your pages. Since 2015 Google Analytics hardly shows any keyword data anymore and with the Webmaster Search Console it takes a lot of time to find what you really need.

Keyword shaping based on real world data

With Rankshaper you can find useful information on keywords that you can’t find elsewhere. Even before you start getting any traffic related to these keywords you start seeing impressions, meaning that Google has shown your page in the result pages (often only on the 8th page). This is super useful, because now you know that Google considers showing your page for this keyword and you may even add an h2, extra paragraph or image with exactly this keyword, increasing the chance that the your page will move up in the results. By using Rankshaper consistently for all your top pages you can easily see your traffic increase fivefold in a relatively short time. Whether your website is 1 month old or 10 years old, you will get magnificent insight in keywords and the way they relate to your on page content.